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The Toxic Shock Syndrome
Information Service (TSSIS)

The Toxic Shock Syndrome Information Service (TSSIS) was established in 1993 to provide members of the public, media and medical professionals with factual and balanced information on Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).


The TSSIS is funded by The Absorbent Hygiene Product Manufacturer’s Association (AHPMA), but is run independently on behalf of the medical advisory panel which oversees all activities and literature. The panel consists of specialists in relevant medical disciplines and provides a cross section of expertise including a member who has many years’ experience in health education. In addition to a range of materials, the TSSIS also has an e mail and telephone service (insert link to contacts page) for enquiries from medical professionals and the general public.


TSS is a very rare but very serious illness and most Doctors will never see a case of TSS during their medical careers. However, the illness can develop rapidly in anyone, making them feel severely ill very quickly. It can be treated effectively with early diagnosis, so it is therefore important to be able to recognise the symptoms quickly. This website is designed to provide the essential facts about TSS – what it is, how it is caused and steps that can be taken to help prevent it.


This website is intended to provide information on Toxic Shock Syndrome. Information contained on this website has been compiled, and reviewed, by a medical advisory panel and every effort is made to ensure its accuracy at the time of publication.

Regrettably, our medical advisory panel cannot advise on undiagnosed illnesses or personal cases. If you have questions regarding toxic shock syndrome relating to individual circumstances, we would encourage you to consult with an appropriate health professional.